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I'm a relatively good girl. I don't eat my veggies. I have an absolutely sweet tooth and I like chocolates and candy floss although they make me look kiddish most of the time. I absolutely adore babies and toddlers and I often go gaga over them.

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Christmas Greeting

Sure hope you don't think this greeting is late
Cuz the Spirit of Christmas we celebrate
With joy in our hearts, as we ponder the love
Our God and Father was sent from above
Jesus is the reason we create such a fuss
our Emmanuel is born, yes, God is with us
This joy can't be contained in one day only
So Christmas has 12, that we might savor it slowly!

A Letter From Santa Claus

Tons of happiness filed Ronnie's head,
as he read what Santa had said.
For he had sent him a letter that night,
which filled his little heart with delight.

And as he read that letter more,
Santa walked right through the door,
He filled Ronnie with lots of joy,
as he handed him a new toy.

Santa was the jolliest of them all
His nose was like a little red ball
He had a beard that was flowing long,
he looked perfect, nothing was wrong.

He didn't want Santa to go
He went up the chimney, and a kiss he did blow.
After Santa shouted goodbye,
Ronnie smiled and began to sigh.

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