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I'm a relatively good girl. I don't eat my veggies. I have an absolutely sweet tooth and I like chocolates and candy floss although they make me look kiddish most of the time. I absolutely adore babies and toddlers and I often go gaga over them.

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

First off, If you didn't know I'm Nad & if your illiterate

like the rest of the world a lil fyi there isnt a "d" in my
last name damn:) Born on april 08, 1993. I'm seventeen years
young i turn 18 soon shyaeh boi. I live in Kedah,Malaysia,
with my a lot frands:]. I'm supersticious, if you dont
knock on wood when i say i will have a panic attack lol.
Im scared to die:/. I wish on 11:11:]. I'm probably one of
the most faithful and trustworthy girls you will ever meet.
I'mextremely honest:). Get to know me before you talk shit, Mkay?
I love HALO:D. I love meeting new people and makeing new friends.
I text a bunch, so let's switch digits and start a
conversation, yeahhh? I don't say much, unless I'm comfortable
around you. I could be really shy if i don't know you but
once you do I'm super crazzzy! I laugh alot, its not hard
to make me laugh lol. Well i don't really know what else to
say here, so hit me up?

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